Dear Mom,

Growing up, I remember you being there for every school event, every dance
recital, every milestone. You never missed a beat, and looking back, I realize just how
much you sacrificed to be there for me. But now, as a mother myself, I understand that
it couldn’t have been easy on you.

I watched you navigate the challenges of being a single mom. I saw how you
turned your pain into power, how you refused to settle. You went back to school,
pursued your dreams, and became an amazing respiratory therapist. You didn’t just
rewrite your own story-you redefined it. You showed me what resilience looks like; what
determination can achieve.

And that’s when it hit me-you must be a superhero. You are my real-life
superhero, role model, my inspiration. Thank you for being the best mom, my mom. I
love you.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms out there! You are loved, you are
appreciated, and you are cherished more than words can say.