Elevate Your Hair with Our Expert Finishing Touches

At JFaith Hair Studio, we believe a great hairstyle deserves the perfect grand finale. Our expert stylists are your finishing touch maestros, ready to transform your strands from good to goddess with professional blowouts and meticulous styling. Leave our salon feeling like the headliner, not just a supporting act, with hair that’s not just flawless, it’s confidence personified.

Blowout Your Bad Hair Day

Say goodbye to lackluster locks and hello to hair days packed with bouncy brilliance! Our signature blowouts are more than just drying – they’re a hair revolution. Whether you dream of voluminous waves that dance in the breeze, sleek sophistication that commands attention, or playful curls that exude effortless charm, our stylists’ magic touch and high-quality products will make your hair goals a reality. So ditch the limp strands and embrace hair days that radiate confidence!

Blowouts & Finish at J. Faith Hair Studio - Logan Twp Hair Salon -
Blowouts & Finish at J. Faith Hair Studio - Logan Twp Hair Salon -

What Is a Blowout? 

A JFaith blowout is an art form, not just a quick dry. It’s a comprehensive hairstyle symphony, starting with a luxurious, hair-type-specific wash and condition to nourish and prime your strands. Then, our artists wield their tools like virtuoso conductors, orchestrating blow-drying techniques, expert brushwork, and product knowledge to sculpt the perfect style just for you. From voluminous cascades to sleek, polished perfection, a JFaith blowout is your ticket to hair heaven.

How Long Will My Blowout Take?

We get it – your time is precious! That’s why our blowouts are designed to be as efficient as they are brilliant. We’ll work our magic without sacrificing quality, ensuring you get a head-turning hairstyle without spending your entire day at the salon. Lean back, relax, and let our stylists work their magic, knowing you’ll be out the door with hair that screams confidence in record time.

Everyday Style

Who says blowouts are reserved for special occasions? Treat yourself to daily doses of fabulousness and step into every day with hair that makes you feel unstoppable. Whether it’s conquering your career goals or rocking a casual night out, a JFaith blowout is your secret weapon for effortless confidence. So leave the bad hair days in the dust and embrace everyday as a chance to shine with hair that’s always one step ahead.

Wash, Dry, and Beautify

At JFaith, we believe beauty starts from the inside out. That’s why our finishing services go beyond temporary shine and transform your hair from the core. We handpick professional-grade shampoos and conditioners tailored to your unique hair type, ensuring your strands are not just styled to perfection but also deeply nourished and healthy. So expect the ultimate hair pampering experience, where beauty and health collide to create hair that’s as strong as it is stunning.

Salon Policies

Transparency is our middle name, and we believe in setting clear expectations before your visit. Here’s what you can expect from JFaith Hair Studio:

  • Hourly-Based Services: We operate on an hourly rate basis for all services, including finishing. Each of our talented stylists has a unique rate reflecting their expertise and the exceptional quality you’ll receive.
  • Cancellation Policy: We understand things come up, but we kindly request 24-hour notice for cancellations. Less than 24 hours’ notice incurs a 50% charge, and missed appointments will result in a 100% charge to your card on file.
  • Cashless and Gratuity-Free: Our modern salon embraces a streamlined experience. We happily accept various electronic payments and operate on a gratuity-free policy, making your visit seamless and stress-free.

Book Your Appointment

Ready to unveil your most confident, radiant self? Contact JFaith Hair Studio today to book your finishing service and get ready to turn heads with hair that speaks volumes! You can call us at 856-975-5965, book online through our website, or send us a message on social media. We can’t wait to welcome you to the JFaith family and witness your hair transformation!

Our professional hair team will carry out in-depth consultations free of charge to assess your hair and any style changes before your appointment.