If your hair has a dull appearance or you simply want to make a bold change, consider some of the latest in color trends available at J. Faith Hair Studio. Hair no longer has to be shades of blonde, brunette, red or black.

Today, the trends are toward bright, vibrant colors in many different shades.

Hair Color


The hottest trend right now in color is the Balayage effect, a French coloring technique developed in the 1970s. Color is applied by hand rather than using foiling or caps so you are able to achieve soft, natural highlights or bold, strong color that is low maintenance.

Many women like that there is no clear line of regrowth with the color treatment like with traditional methods, so you can go longer between treatments. However, if the technique is not done properly, you could end up with overlapping color that may cause severe hair damage. That’s why you need to contact our salon to speak to one of our experienced stylists about this exciting technique.

Our professional hair team will carry out in-depth consultations free of charge to assess your hair and any style changes before your appointment.

Ombré Treatments

Taken from the French word which means shaded or shading, Ombré hair color is another hot new trend. Normally, this type of hair color is darker at the roots and through the mid-shaft, lightening as it reaches the ends.

However, today’s methods colors add more than just varying shades of the same color hair. Women are adding colors like turquoise and lavender to the tips of the hair, giving them a bold, unique look. It must be done properly in order to keep hair from being damaged or a look you really didn’t want.

Traditional Color

In addition to the trendy types of color available at J. Faith, we offer more traditional versions like highlighting, frosting and full color. All color treatments include haircuts and hairstyles so you leave the salon looking fresh, vibrant and beautiful.

We suggest consulting with one of our experienced stylists prior to having color applied to be sure the color will not cause damage.

Our stylists are trained in all hair types and can advise you exactly what to do to be sure your color comes out as you want and your hair remains healthy.

If you are dealing with dull, lifeless hair or simply want to make a bold change, contact the stylists at J. Faith to arrange a consultation for color.

Balayge or Ombre treatments are often exactly what is needed to give new life to hairstyles. Call us or visit us online today to make your appointment.



Partial Foil$80.00$93.00
Full Foil$100.00$113.00
Conditioning Service$15.00
Corrective Color (Per Hour)$88.00$105.00