In honor of women’s history month, I feel encouraged by all the achievements and contributions of women throughout our history. Those who have gone before us to fight and to pave a way for us. Honoring Women’s history month provides us with an opportunity to research, write, share, and raise awareness of the diversity of women’s lived experiences and the work that remains to be done. I recognize the ongoing struggles that we continue to face in the pursuit of gender equality.

            Gender equality is when all people of all genders have equal rights, responsibilities, and opportunities. We need you, you matter, you are important, and you can help make a difference.

Here are a few ways that are near and dear to my heart:

  1. Women-owned businesses

Supporting women-owned businesses is an important way to promote gender equality and empower women economically. Shop women-owned businesses and make a conscious effort to support that business. Spread the word by talking about the business to your friends and family, write the business a positive review, and interact on social media. Attend fundraising events hosted by women, collaborate, and consider investing in women-owned businesses.


  1. Women in Leadership Roles

Having female leaders in positions of influence to serve as role models is critical to the career advancement of women. Women bring a different perspective, which can help foster innovation and creativity. Women in leadership understand the value of promoting work-life balance and tend to be more inclusive, reach out to their peers, and truly care about those they lead. Women are empathetic, encourage free thinking, have a strong focus on teamwork, are excellent multitaskers, highly motivated, and strong communicators. All strong qualities that a great leader must have.


  1. Women’s Health

Protecting women’s health is essential, as it ensures that women have the same opportunities to lead healthy and fulfilling lives as men.

  1. Make a stand against domestic violence and make your voice be heard to eliminate gender-based violence.
  2. Women should have equal access to affordable and quality healthcare.
  3. Raising awareness about women’s health issues can reduce stigma and discrimination and encourage women to seek the care they need.

We must continue to encourage women’s empowerment to create a more just and fair society not only for ourselves, but for the next generation. Let’s help promote the well-being of all women! Happy Women’s History Month.