It all started with going to the library every other day to research how to gain
capital to open a salon which turned into working on writing a business plan. I would ask
my siblings to read my plan and make suggestions. I spent my evenings at my sister’s
house mapping out a blueprint with empty water bottles on how far apart each stylist
chair would be. Once I completed my research I asked my dad for guidance on what my
next steps should be and that’s when he asked to read my business plan. After
reviewing my business plan and looking over my blueprints, he made me an offer I
couldn’t refuse, to become my business partner. Even though my dad has no
experience in the beauty industry he did have 35 years of experience owning and
running his own successful insurance agency. With my vision and his expertise and
financial backing I finally started to create momentum in making my dream a reality.
It’s all about location, great parking, visibility, and is easily accessible. I was
excited to find new construction that met all these requirements. As I started working
with the landlords, I quickly learned my first lesson in business. I was a young 26-year-
old female who they didn’t take seriously, but when my dad started to show up to the
meetings, they preferred to work with him over me. I went as far as signing a lease, but
realized this wasn’t going to work out. I found myself starting from the beginning trying
to find the best location when I finally landed where we are today. And so it began,
finding the right construction company to hire for the build out, permits, licensing, and
fighting the township on a water fountain. Six months it took to build the salon and on
May 22 2016 I opened the doors to J.Faith Hair Studio.

For the first year in business, I worked morning to night, seven days a week
without taking a paycheck. I was living high on my dreams. Eight years ago, it was just
about doing hair, now a days it’s about so much more. It’s about providing a space for
hairstylists to come to work and feel safe to be their authentic selves. Providing this
exceptional experience for our clients. To have an opportunity to be able to serve and
support our community. For my daughter to be able to watch her mom unapologetically
go after her dreams and to have career that she is passionate and be able to provide for
her family. To witness total transformations inside of the salon daily.

What I have learned over the last eight years is to not be afraid to take risks,
because on the other side of your fear is growth. I want to thank my dad for taking a risk
on me and believing in my dream. For being the best business mentor and for being my
dad. I want to thank my family for always supporting me. To the stylists that work at
J.Faith Hair Studio, you inspire me daily with your talent and passion for the craft of
doing hair. And to our clients, thank you for being a part of this journey with us, and
supporting our business.
Cheers to 8 years in business!