If you are hoping to grow your short hair out to a longer style, you may have been told by friends or relatives that cutting your hair will actually make it grow faster. The fact is that the best way to grow your hair out more quickly is to keep your hair healthy, and there are several healthy hair tips that can help you do that which may not involve cutting your hair.

Deep Conditioning

The best way to promote healthy growth is by deep conditioning your hair at least once each week. This doesn’t mean the daily conditioner you use after you shampoo every morning. There are conditioners available that condition deep into your hair and roots to create healthier hair. On a weekend morning when you are lying around the house or doing those household chores you hate, use a deep conditioner like Biolage Conditioning Balm on your hair. At the same time, add a glow to your face with a skin mask, like Herbalife Mint Mask.

Make Friends with the Scissors

Your hair grows at between a quarter- and a half-inch per month, so there is not much you can do to make it grow faster. However, regular trims will keep your hair looking healthier and prevent split-ends from traveling up the hair shaft. When split ends cause your hair to break off high on the strand, you may find that your hair isn’t growing as it should and that trims are requiring you to remove a significant amount of your hair. Stylists recommend having your hair trimmed at least every 10 to 12 weeks for hair that is healthier

Skip the Shampoo, Never the Conditioner

Many times, women will skip the conditioner during their shower, believing the conditioner is damaging their hair. In fact, it is shampoo that you can skip sometimes when you shower. Shampoo removes dirt and product build-up, but can also remove natural oils that your hair needs. Therefore, skipping the shampoo can actually create hair that is healthier. On the other hand, conditioner adds lipids and proteins to your hair shaft while sealing the cuticle to prevent more damage, which creates healthier hair. Even if you do not shampoo, add conditioner each time your hair is wet.

These healthy hair tips are beneficial whether you want extremely long hair or want to keep it short, yet bouncy. For more tips on how to grow hair longer faster, contact J. Faith Hair Studio to arrange for a consultation with one of their knowledgeable stylists. You can set up your appointment online or give them a call.