Since 1990, Biolage has committed to offering the hairstylist a unique approach to professional haircare. The exclusive blend of unique botanicals and latest technology deliver gentle, high-performing formulas that enhance the beauty of every hair type and concern.

Biolage emphasizes its strong values in reaching the ultimate vision of nature, science and sensoriality within the professional haircare market. Our products adhere to high standards of safety and efficacy, and we continue to work toward minimizing our impact on the environment

Biolage understand the biology of hair, offering targeted solutions for every hair concern.

CORE – Essential Hair Needs: The core Biolage range of products provides an immediate response to everyday concerns and challenges, providing more volumized, smooth, color-vibrant and hydrated hair. Click here to learn more. (link to product pages)

ADVANCED – Prescriptive Haircare: Biolage Advanced offers the best response to more distinct needs, like damage, through an advanced blend of botanicals and molecular science. Click here to learn more. (link to product pages)

SPECIALTY – Sensorial Indulgence: Biolage ExquisiteOil offers the ultimate Haircare pampering experience with refined formulas and exotic ingredients for all hair types. Click here to learn more. (link to product pages)

The NEW Biolage features new BIOMATCH technology in our Core range – our innovative approach which looks to nature to design superior Haircare formulas for every hair type and concern, mimicking nature’s unique resilience. Over millions of years, nature has found the most efficient way to flourish through tough conditions. Now, science innovates by learning from nature to develop products that address everyday concerns. This discipline of learning from nature has proven to have the greatest results, time and time again. Welcome to the reinvented world of Biolage. The beauty of nature decoded by science.