Skyler Pratt

Since Sky was a little girl, she has always shared a love for all things hair. Growing up, all her dolls were rocking edgy bobs and had purple marker in their hair. After learning that she could go to high school to be trained in cosmetology she was convinced that was the high school she needed to attend. Skyler graduated from GCIT’s program June of 2021.  She started working at J.Faith Hair Studio in January 2022 and began the associate program soon after. During those months Skyler dedicated her time to learn and expand her knowledge of different styles trending in the industry. With the help and generosity of Angela and Jennifer, she graduated from the program and began her journey behind the chair!
Sky is very passionate about helping her clients look on the outside how they feel on the inside. In her eyes, everyone should feel comfortable and confident in the way the look and achieving this is what is most rewarding. She is always looking to further herself and is continuously inspired to learn new skills and broaden her expertise.  August of 2022 she traveled to her first beauty show in Orlando, Florida! She took charge of her passions and spent the conference surrounded by industry all stars. Throughout the week she attended multiple workshops, intensive trainings, and explored the different brands and what everyone had to offer. The trip helped show how massive this industry truly is and how you can never stop learning! Outside of the salon Skyler loves hiking, painting, and photography. Always looking to see what she can create next!
Artsy is the perfect word to describe not only herself, but everything she involves herself in. She is also very involved with her family and loves taking her younger siblings out for some weekend fun!
She specializes in blonding and vivids. She also loves playing with different tonalities of reds! Inspiration never runs dry, and she is always finding something new to try out. Dedicated to exceeding expectations and providing her clients with hair that makes their heart smile, is what Sky enjoys the most. If you are looking for a colorful, outgoing, and attentive bundle of positivity, Skyler is your hairstylist!